Nicknamed red gold for its incredible value, Iranian and Afghan saffron are among the world’s most precious and extraordinary spices with many uses in the food and pharmaceutical industries.  This valuable plant, native to Asia, has long been a symbol of happiness and blessing and won the world over with its pleasant color, aroma, and taste. By giving cheer, softness, and beauty to the skin and face and other magical properties, it aims to capture the hearts of peoples and nations around the world.

Although many countries are nowadays growing and selling saffron, Iranian saffron remains the best due to the country’s favorable climate and weather conditions and other saffron cultivation factors. Compared to tropical regions, saffron onion grows better in cold regions with high precipitation. This is a major factor distinguishing high-quality Iranian saffron from those produced elsewhere around the world.

MEC aims to offer high-quality saffron in bulk packaging at an affordable price.

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