People eat raisins, dried fruits of the grape vine (Vitis vinefera), which is a member of the Vitaceae family, due to its distinct flavor. After reaching the desired sugar content, grapes are harvested, washed, dried, sorted, and packaged.

Types of Raisins:

1.Sun-Dried Raisins:

In sun-drying, raisins are dried in the sun without any chemicals. This method takes 15-20 days to produce raisins depending on weather conditions. Then, the raisins are transferred to the factory for washing and packaging. This method produces dark brown and somewhat dry raisins.

2. Shadow-Dried Raisins:

In this method, grape bunches are tied to 2-3 m long strings and vertically hung up in the shade under well-ventilated indoor conditions. This method takes 10-20 days and produces green raisins.

3.Sultana Raisins:

In this method, the grapes are harvested in bunches and put inside baskets. The baskets are placed in a solution consisting of a mixture of edible potassium carbonate, water, and vegetable oil. After one minute, they are removed from the solution and placed on a screen for the excess solution to be drained off. The grape bunches are then put in the sun for 2-3 days to dry.

4.Golden Raisins

Golden raisins, which are only produced in Iran, are always in demand. In this production method, the grapes are fumigated with sulfur dioxide for several hours, which gives them a golden yellow color. They are then put in the shade with sufficient ventilation to dry. These raisins have a good flavor and soft texture. In addition, their skin becomes thinner and more delicate and its color turns into amber gold. The raisins will have a sweet flavor and aroma.

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