Iran is the birthplace and the world’s largest producer of pistachios. Iranian pistachio is the best and most delicious in the world. Pistachio is cultivated in gardens 800-2000 meters above sea level, causing a large difference between day and night temperature, low air pressure and relative humidity, and better concentration and movement of pistachio essence. Iranians can properly use these conditions to produce the world’s most delicious pistachios. Iranian pistachios are distinguished from those grown elsewhere by their chunky size, high fat content, and light green color, among other factors. MEC selects the best pistachios from the heart of Iran’s nature and offers a wide variety of raw to roasted and flavored pistachios, all containing minimal aflatoxin in compliance with European standards. Types of Iranian pistachio include:

Fandoghi (Round): This round pistachio has a high smiling percentage with a purple nut and bone cream shell. It is offered in the following sizes: 26-29, 28-30, 30, 32.

Kaleh Ghochi (Jumbo):

This pistachio is round and chunky with moderate smiling percentage and gray red nut and bone white shell. This cultivar is known for its large size and high price.

Akbari: This pistachio is almond-shaped with a high smiling percentage. Due to its pleasant appearance, it is known as a luxury pistachio with a purple-brown nut and dark bone shell.

Ahmad Aghaei:

This long pistachio is considered one of Iran’s and the world’s best and tastiest pistachios due to containing plenty of good fat. The white shell and red nut make this pistachio one of the most sought-after.

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