With utmost pride and delight, we announce the arrival of our beloved products in fresh, captivating packaging. Beyond being a mere shield for our treasures, this packaging unfolds a captivating saga of the rich history and culture of the Middle East.
Pistachios: A Dive into Natureʹs Depth
Each pistachio nut is an embodiment of a unique flavor and the untamed nature and fragrance of the dry lands of the Middle East.
Raisins: Sweet Moments from our Gardens to Your Heart
In every carefully harvested raisin from our orchards, a piece of memories and the sweetness of the seasons reaches your hands. Our elegant and balanced packaging shares with you every moment of this sweetness.
Saffron: Magic in Your Hands
Every strand of saffron carries a magical tune, a symphony of taste and aroma from the heart of the Middle East. With our packaging, every moment becomes an indelible experience of the saffron realm.
Experience and share with others.
With this new packaging, share a unique experience and invite others to join the world of pleasure and flavor.

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