Frequently Asked Questions

Pistachio ounces show the number of pistachio seeds at 142 grams.

The pistachio shell is not poisonous on its own. However, if the pistachio is not placed in an environment with the correct temperature and humidity in less than 24 hours from the time of harvest, it may lead to fungus and ultimately poisoning of pistachios.
Generally, pistachios are harvested in Sep-Oct.Saffron flowers are picked in Oct-Nov, too.However, our company is able to supply and ship products to customers all year round.

In case of defect or damage in the delivered product, all product costs will be refunded after deducting the shipment costs.

When picking flowers and separating saffron, the stigma should be separated and dried. In fact, saffron is the dried stigma of the saffron flower. Each flower has three red stigmas separated by human hands. In other words, producing and cultivating saffron takes a lot of time and workers, increasing its price. The reason for using human workers is to avoid damaging the saffron flower. At the same time, the yield is very low. For example, about 170,000 saffron flowers should be picked for harvesting 453 grams of saffron. These purple flowers bloom in a 6-week period. The best time to harvest saffron flowers is early in the morning since rising air humidity could affect saffron’s quality and sunlight could break its chemical structure.

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