How to Make Saffron Tea

How to Make Saffron Tea: First, grind the saffron with the help of a mortar or a saffron mill, pour the water into the kettle and let it boil. Then pour water into the glass and put some saffron in it. You can use honey or cantaloupe to sweeten saffron tea. Also, you can put […]

How To Identify If Saffron Is Fresh?

Before you go about shopping for saffron threads, make sure you pick the fresh ones. The unique thing that decides whether the saffron is fresh is itʹs long strings. The fresh threads of saffron have maximum vitamin and antioxidant concentrations. The long threads give a refreshing aroma and amazing flavor. Make sure to choose the […]

How To Tell If Saffron Is Real?

There are possible ways to recognize pure saffron. When purchasing saffron, check the color of the stigmas. Real saffron will have a deep red or purple hue. If the stigmas are light yellow or orange, they are probably fake. If you hold a stigma of saffron between your fingers for a minute, you would see […]

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