About MEC

MEC is a modern trading company with global operations in procuring and selling Iranian pistachios and Iranian and Afghan saffron. We are proud of our ancestral roots in agriculture, as a part of our identity and soul.

As your regional trading arm, MEC will procure fresh pistachios and exceptional saffron at a reasonable price for your commercial goals in the Middle East. The procurement of raw materials from local farmers and the stringent selection give our products a distinctive and original taste. Hence, we guarantee consistent quality and compliance with European standards. MEC prides itself on the unmatched quality, variety, and health of its products offered at competitive prices and customer support. Our vision for the future is to become a global brand in pistachio and saffron markets, and we will spare no efforts in achieving this objective. Since promoting health and protecting the environment matter to us as our biggest assets, we also aim to increase our organic products.

Our main goal is to create a sustainable business, and to this end, we are committed to:

Build trust between producers and buyers by guaranteeing transparency.

Notify our customers about important market-related issues.

Accept our flaws and mistakes and spend the time and resources it takes to avoid them.

Only package products that pass quality control in MEC’s technical laboratories and meet the buyers’ requirements.

Deliver shipments at the intended destination on time with the best quality and at the right price.

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